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Get ready for 8-bit mechanical mayhem!


In the far-off future of 20XX, the brilliant roboticist Dr. Otto Matton builds the two most advanced humanoids robots ever created: Zed and Zee.  But when they learn that their purpose is to lead Matton's army of super bots to world domination, they rebel against their creator and his sinister ambitions.  Now it's up to them to put a stop to Dr. Matton's schemes and prevent the world from falling into his hands!


Run, jump, and stomp through six colorful worlds of fast-paced, arcade-style action!  Passwords allow you to pick up where you left off last time!  Play solo or cooperatively with a friend, or settle your differences in the two-player Battle Mode!


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Zed and Zee - Famicom

SKU: F011
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