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  • You are selling other developers games, what is up with that?
    We work with developers by providing a place to have their physical games available to others. Every game on our page is here with the permission of the developer, and they are paid every time one of their games is purchase.
  • Can you sell my game in your online store?
    Yes, however games must meet certain criteria. Reach out to us at for more details.
  • Can you flash my game to a PCB?
    Yes! We would be happy to flash your game to your PCB's before shipping, you can email your ROM file to . We test each PCB before shipping so it will either be flashed with your game or one of our test files.
  • Can you publish my game?
    Yes! We are currently set up for NES game publishing. We can manufacture, stock and ship your games for you. We have capabilities to build up CIB games (cart, sleeve, foam insert, instruction manual, box, shrink wrap, and your logo stickers).
  • How much does it cost for you to publish my game?
    Cost factors can change depending on quantity and timeline, please contact us at for more info.
  • I want to sell my game on Kickstarter, can you help with production?
    Absolutely! We have produced multiple Kickstarter games. Reach out to us at if you are interested in planning a game launch.
  • I have an idea and I want to make a game, where do I start?
    Developing your own game is very time consuming and there is a learning curve. Our best advice is to dive in and start learning, and keep learning. The more you immerse yourself into the game dev world the more you will learn. Here are some great resources you can check out if you are interested in NES game development... The New 8 Bit Heroes - These guys are the creators of NESMaker. There is a huge, and very supportive community built around this. Their software provides a convenient interface and the many tutorials provide you with a way to get started in NES game development. NesDev - This site has so much info about developing for the NES, it is an absolutely necessary resource when you start to dive further into the rabbit hold of NES development.
  • I want to place a large order, but it says there is not enough stock...
    contact us at for bulk orders. Large orders may qualify for discounts on products and shipping,
  • Do you have....
    If you want something to build your own games that you do not see contact us at . We will do our best to locate specific items for you, or point you in the direction of where you can get them.
  • I only see NES games, do you sell anything else?
    We are currently working in the background on support for other console based games. Keep an eye on our social media pages and sign up for our mailing list to be up to date.
  • Info about shipping...
    Feel free to reach out to us for a direct shipping quote, the shipping calculator robots behind the scenes are trying their best, sometimes we can do better.
  • I am not in North America, I do not like the shipping rate I am seeing...
    Our shipping calculator is doing it's best, reach out to us for a direct shipping quote, we may be able to do better... Alternatively, if you are in or around Europe we highly recommend reaching out to Broke Studio
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