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CIB copy of The Magnilo Case for play on the NES. 


Your fellow detective has just washed up on shore and you have been assigned to take over his old case, you can only assume he found something big! You play as detective Smith and are assigned to investigate the mysterious disappearance of several actors from Magnilo Movie Studios, and figure out who murdered Detective Jones. As you search for clues you soon realize this is something much bigger than you ever could have imagined! Explore the large and varied movie sets, solve puzzles and use tools to find your way. But be cautious, before this is all over you will need to avoid many dangers and fight for your life to escape! Can you stay alive long enough to solve The Magnilo Case!


The Magnilo Case was created by DalyenRetroGames for play on the NES.


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The Magnilo Case - NES

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