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Based on the 2013 Fista Productions short film.


"A shark's soul is trapped inside an 8x10 area rug. It's General Major Cadaver Scab's duty to keep the shark tame. Can he? CAN ANYONE?"


Play as the Carpet Shark. Eat as many victims as you can before the timer and your health run out. After each level, fight one of the 4 bosses (our characters from the movie). Try to eat the bosses weapons to fire back at them. Can you beat all 4 levels?


Runners = 100 points + 1 health point
Skulls = 200 points
Dark Skulls = 300 points
Bosses = 1000 points


Depending on how high or low your points are, you will get a different win screen at the end of the game (0 - 9,999 points, 10,000 - 19,999 points, or 20,000+ points).


This game was created by Fista Games for play on the Famicom.


Visit the Carpet Shark page

Carpet Shark - Famicom

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